What's Your Status?

We are so proud to present to you our award winning, premium California Sparkling Wine brand. We are STATUS SPARKLING WINES, a family owned independent brand that is proud to be one of the fastest growing sparkling wine companies in the United States. In an industry of traditions, we went against the STATUS quo and brought our consumers wines with a refreshing blend of fruit flavors that are semi-sweet, delightfully light and extremely enjoyable. Status is especially known for delivering a taste that is perfectly balanced with innovative flavors like strawberry and peach mango to freshen up your pallets. When it comes to demi-sec wines, you will not find anything that tastes as delightful as us in the market place. What’s even better than the taste, is the Status experience! Status Sparkling wines is now distributed in New York, California, Texas, North Carolina, Nevada, New Jersey, and Florida.