Our family is known for creating newest wine trends with lighter and refreshing flavor profiles that are current with our evolving pallets and popular culture. We deliver quality experiences through each and every bottle of wine! As a family owned business, we specialize in producing premium California sparkling wines that are crisp, refreshing, well balanced, served in unique flavors and delicious to sip on at every occasion.


All our bubbly sparkling wines are proudly produced in Lodi, California and are made from white French Colombard grapes grown in California which delivers a crisp and moderate to lightly dry taste. It is this signature characteristic that has now become the heartbeat of the STATUS Sparkling Wine Line now served in 3 incredible flavors.



Hola Motuapuaka is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Owner of Status Sparkling Wines. Since 2012, Hola has dedicated all her time to her profound passion in developing wine and spirits beverage brands that is relevant to our evolving culture and consumers. With over 20 years of business experience, Hola is extremely proud of the extraordinary growth that Status Sparkling Wines has achieved. Hola’s mission in to the future is to continue leading their team in their relentless pursuit to bring great tasting California wines to every city near and far.