Our Sparkling.

Status VIP

Our VIP sparkling wine is refreshing to the last drop! Let us introduce you to our fabulous peach-mango sparkler. The nose is fruit forward and the taste is light, very well balanced, with a very easy finish on the palette that is not too sweet, but just perfect. You will enjoy sipping on VIP ice cold or you can add to your favorite cocktail for a refreshing spritzer! The Status VIP experience can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!

We Proudly Present our Award Winning Sparkling Wine Brand.

Status BRUT

Brut by Status delivers a refreshing taste that is crisp, clean and so pleasant to sip. Our BRUT sparkling wine is filled with tree fruit flavors, is well balanced delivering a long finish. It’s a perfect way to enhance any occasion. Enjoy a bottle of STATUS BRUT anytime, anywhere!
                                                      AVAILABLE IN A CAN!